Marina Aliverti

Artist, photographer, jeweler and fashion designer.

Graduate of the world class artistic Textile Design Institute in Como.

She has extensive design exhibition experience in Paris, London and Florence, ranging from textile and clothing to jewelry.

Most of her works are housed in private collections in Como, Milano, St. Moritz, St. Tropez, Marrakech.
She lives and works in Cernobbio (Lake Como) and Milano.

" I have developed a line of geometric jewelry.
Exquisite small sculptures fashioned from pink gold and silver; a unique expression of order in our chaotic times."

" My intention is to create jewelry that is truly art while at the same time very chic and fun to wear: pret à porter sculptures.
An oversize piece may be worn alone as a statement. Two pieces of contrasting shapes and colors can be combined to adorn a glamorous outfit."

" My creative journey began designing textiles for fashion and painting portraits of my friends in loud colours. I then moved to repetitive tone on tone dripping to recreate far away panoramas on backgrounds treated with sand brought from Marocco, Polynesia, the Maldives and the Caribbean. My study continue with photographs printed on canvas and treated with resins, acrylic colours, chalk and watercolours."